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Congratulations on the successful launch of Focus Smoking website!



  Congratulations on the successful launch of the website of Zhejiang Focus Smoking Set Co., Ltd. Thanks to Zhendao Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. for technical support to our website, welcome new and old friends to visit the website.

  Zhejiang Focus Smoking Set Co., Ltd. started on May 4, 1993 and is headquartered in Wenzhou, which is known as the “Donghai Pearl”. The focus is a well-known smoking company integrating professional design, research and development, production and sales of all kinds of medium and high-grade windproof, open flame and straight-through lighters. The company's existing focus, Ou Bo, suction music and cigarette holder three brands.

  The company is located in Sanxi Industrial Park, Bohai, Wenzhou, with a construction area of 12,000 square meters and a modern brand image display hall with an area of 300 square meters. The company has strong research and development capabilities, advanced production technology, system operation process, all kinds of products are produced with good quality, beautiful appearance, fast innovation, excellent service, and won the praise of domestic and foreign customers. At present, the annual production and sales volume of various types of advertising machines has exceeded 25 million.

  On the basis of steadily operating the domestic high-end market and promotional advertising machines, the company continues to expand the international market, and its products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the European Union, Japan, the United States and Russia.

  While the company is developing rapidly, it pays great attention to improving the overall operation level of the company. The company takes the lead in passing the ISO9001 international quality system certification in the same industry, and has introduced a series of modern enterprise management systems such as CIS and MRP.

  The company has won the recognition of customers, the recognition of employees and the cognition of the society by virtue of honest operation and continuous innovation. It has obtained the “AAA grade” of enterprise credit rating in 2004/06, the “integrity enterprise” in 2007, and the “conservation contract” in 2007. “Re-credit unit”, “Zhejiang Integrity Enterprise and many other honors” in 2008, and won the “Patent Demonstration Enterprise” in Bohai in 2011.

  Facing the opportunities and challenges of global economic integration, the company has outlined the grand blueprint for the future: that is, with independent innovation and independent brands as the core driving force, vigorously promote brand management and market segmentation strategies, and strive to be excellent corporate citizens. Constantly "focus on customer value, adhere to principles, sustain each other, and support each other!" to guide our thinking.

  Our contact information is as follows:

  Company Address: No. 51, Fuquan Road, Sanxi Industrial Park, Ouhai Economic Development Zone, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China

  Contact: Zeng Manager

  Mobile number: 15158686276

  Email address:

  QQ number: 3222864272

  Landline number: 0577-86731599