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How do Zippo in Chinese goods use alternative ideas to play marketing?



  Nowadays, more and more people are joining the non-smoking party for various reasons, and the lighter has gradually changed from the daily necessities of most people to the occasional gadgets.

  In the past, when the lighter industry was the most prosperous, there were more than 4,000 lighter factories in Wenzhou. Now there are probably few left, and the profits are really meager, which makes the lighter market on the verge of being in trouble.

  However, even in the case that China's lighter manufacturing has turned into a sunset industry and the number of smokers has decreased year by year, there are still industry leaders who are “hopping for survival” – called “Zippo in domestic products”, which will operate the lighter as a product. Start.

  Segment people and tap potential users

  The average person thinks of consumers of lighters, naturally think of smokers. This is also the marketing idea of ordinary lighter manufacturers. However, the target group of the leaping lighter, in addition to the smokers, also focused on non-smokers, and based on this, three types of potential users were subdivided.

  / People who often do outdoor activities /

  There is no problem with ordinary lighters being used indoors, but it may be difficult to point out when there is wind outdoors.

  The leaping lighter just caught this big pain point and designed the wind-proof and spark-on method of the arc pulse, and the wind can still ignite even if the wind is still large. Non-smokers can also use it to easily ignite items outdoors, and use them as a portable tool when camping.

  / Woman who buys a lighter as a gift /

  Women are actually a consumer group that many lighter brands will ignore. However, if you go to the shopping site to review, you will find that many women will buy a lighter for their father or boyfriend as a gift.

  The same kind of products on the market are either not too good for quality, or the unit price is not worth buying. The Yuehuo lighter is cost-effective, considering the gift-giving needs, from the design to the product packaging are very beautiful.

  / People who like to collect lighters /

  Many men have a hobby of collecting lighters, and a lighter with a high-powered black technology tends to be a talk of tea after a meal. Just like Yuesheng's latest E5 arc lighter, I heard its name "Resolute Black" and saw its all-metal body, it feels too man.

  A good lighter is just like a talent, so that you have a more sense of presence, and the small objects that are in the hands of the hand will shine all the time, in order to gain more attention in the silent.