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The cigarette lighter has this function in addition to cigarette light.



  Basically, the price of the car, the car will be equipped with a cigarette lighter, many people are thinking, I do not smoke this cigarette lighter what is the use. In fact, the cigarette lighter has this function in addition to cigarettes.

  The new role of the cigarette lighter: the power outlet

  Some people may ask, is there a USB interface on the car, and also a cigarette lighter to do the power outlet.

  Not every USB interface on the car can be used as a power outlet. For example, the USB interface of the multimedia zone of the Novelty Chunzhong console is generally used as an interface for inputting audio, and cannot be powered.

  Moreover, the voltage of the cigarette lighter and the USB interface is different. The USB interface is usually a 5V power supply, and cannot supply power to the high-powered electrical equipment, and the car cigarette lighter interface is a 12V power supply, and can be connected to the car air pump and the driving recorder. , and car purifiers and other equipment, and power.

  What should I pay attention to when using the cigarette lighter?

  The cigarette lighter is used as the power take-off. It is necessary to consider the circuit safety problems involved. Next, we will understand the correct use of the cigarette lighter and the precautions.

  1, do not overload with a cigarette lighter

  More and more devices such as mobile phones, driving recorders, and car vacuum cleaners are used. Many owners will buy a car charger with multiple connectors, or use an inverter. At this time, be careful not to overload.

  If the circuit is overloaded, it is easy to cause the fuse to blow, the electrical equipment to be damaged, or even damage the car circuit.

  2, to avoid the use of quality but not car products

  Due to the limited power of the cigarette lighter jack, we must pay attention to the quality of the vehicle electrical equipment when using external equipment. If you buy some cheap electrical equipment with no guarantee of quality, it may endanger the circuit of the car and blow the fuse. It may even cause damage to the entire vehicle circuit system.