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Advantages and disadvantages of arc lighters



  Lighters are a small tool that is more common in everyday life. Because of its portability advantages, it plays a relatively important role in many scenarios. In fact, there are many classifications of lighters, not only the products from the perspective of brand models, but also the differences in design according to the principle. As a consumer, you can learn more before you choose to purchase, so as to be able to screen out the most reasonable one. So today is the information about the arc lighter for everyone.

  Advantages and disadvantages of arc lighters

  Advantages: It will not be blown out when there is wind, it is more economical;

  Disadvantages: Once the battery is broken, it is more troublesome to find the same battery replacement.

  Arc lighter is good or electric wire lighter is good

  The arc lighter is better, the first one is the heating wire heating ignition, and the other is the arc ignition. If your lighter is a heating wire, you only need a little power to ignite the heating wire. This kind of lighter has the problem that the heating wire does not turn red when the light is turned on. It is not that the battery is not good or the charging device has a problem and cannot be charged. If your lighter is the latter, the arc lighter must be charged to a certain extent before it can generate an arc. If the charging is not in place, then it is not possible to use this arc to ignite directly. There is no open flame in the charging lighter, and the electric heating wire is used to ignite the electric heating wire to burn the red cigarette. The kind of arc is the generation of electric power, which constantly sparks and uses this spark to ignite cigarettes. In addition, you should take a look at the lighter that you may not have used such a lighter. Is there any safety switch? Some lighters do not catch fire when they do not open the safety switch.

  Arc lighter hazard

  Yuquanying fire squadron squadron director Fang Chen said that the principle of this type of arc lighter is very simple. In fact, the two black points on the U-shaped device are the positive and negative poles, and the inside of the lighter is a simple circuit. In the connected state, an arc is generated between the positive and negative electrodes.

  The captain told the reporter that the lighter produced was not fire but electricity. When the arc contacts the combustibles, heat is quickly generated and the combustibles are ignited. It can "bake" black metal in a short period of time because, in addition to emitting heat, the arc has an electric shock to the metal.

  In terms of ignition effect, there is no obvious difference between an arc lighter and an ordinary lighter, but because of its high camouflage, passengers want to carry it through the security check, which brings great hidden dangers.

  Lighting effect of arc lighter

  In order to verify the ignition effect of the arc lighter, the reporter went to the Yuquanying fire squadron for testing. This reporter separately tested the ignition of arc lighters and ordinary lighters by igniting paper, cloth, plastic and metal.

  1. Ignite paper will ignite in an instant

  The reporter took the napkin, A4 paper and cardboard shell for experiments.

  First, the reporter first used an arc lighter to ignite the napkin. After the napkin touched the arc from the lighter, the contact position on both sides immediately sparked, and then quickly ignited. After the arc lighter was removed, the open flame would continue to stay on the paper.

  In addition, when using an electric arc lighter to ignite A4 paper and cardboard, the reporter found that the situation of igniting A4 paper is similar to that of napkins, but the hard paper shell will first appear blackened, then smoke, and the open flame will not have napkins. Big. The same is true for the other two types of lighters.

  2. Light the cloth for 10 seconds and open fire

  The items used by this group of experimental reporters are cotton and acrylic clothes.

  The reporter first used an electric arc lighter to ignite the acrylic clothing. When the arc touched the clothing, it immediately produced a small orange-red flame on the touch contact, and then the flame burned the surrounding clothes.

  When the arc touches the clothes for about 10 seconds, an open flame is generated.

  However, by comparing with ordinary lighters, the reporter found that ordinary lighters produce more open flames than arc lighters.

  3. Ignite the plastic to contact the plastic for more than 5 seconds.

  The reporter used plastic bags and hard plastic pots for experiments.

  When lighting a plastic bag, the arc lighter has the same effect as a normal lighter. The plastic bag will first be deformed, then an open flame will appear and black smoke will appear.

  However, when the hard plastic pot is ignited, after the ordinary lighter touches it, the hard plastic pot will immediately appear burnt black, and black smoke will appear, and the touched part will melt. However, the short-time touch of the arc lighter during the experiment does not cause any phenomenon. After the touch time exceeds 5 seconds, smoke and blackening will occur.

  4. The burning metal emits a "sting" sound and sparks

  The reporter found a short metal rod and ignited the metal rod with an electric arc lighter. The reporter found that when the arc touches the metal rod, it will emit a distinct "sting" sound accompanied by a spark. After the lighter is removed, the original arc touch will show signs of blackening.

  The reporter found that burning metal rods with ordinary lighters, there will be no signs of burnt black on the metal rods in a short time.

  The arc lighter is one of the most widely used lighter products. It is not only easy to carry in the design of the volume, but also fully considers the needs of consumers and the actual use, and more importantly, the actual use of the arc lighter is very good and can be quickly ignited. This saves users a lot of time and cost.