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Arc flame machine principle



  The principle of the arc lighter is the same as that of the lighter. The principle of other electronic ignition devices is the same.

  A piece of piezoelectric material (crystal structure) is connected to a thin wire at one end, and the wire forms a gap with the metal material at the gas outlet of the lighter, and the mechanical mechanism is used to synchronize the impact of the impact block with the opening of the gas source.

  When the impact block strikes the other end of the piezoelectric material block with a certain impact energy or force, the internal molecules of the piezoelectric material vibrate strongly and transmit the vibration energy to the wire.

  Since the ratio of the cross-sectional area of the wire to the cross-sectional area of the piezoelectric material block is very large, the vibration of the molecules in the wire has a great tendency to strengthen. When the end molecules of the wire strongly vibrate and hit the air molecules at the gap, the air molecules also generate strong vibration.

  The trajectory of the vibration of air molecules is the electric Mars (arc light) we see. These electric Mars (arc light) are actually the trajectories of the vibration of the air molecules when the conductor molecules strongly vibrate and transfer energy to the metal material at the gas outlet of the lighter.

  It shows that the air molecules at the notch are very vibrating. According to the theory of vibration, the strong vibration is that the temperature of the material is very high, when this temperature exceeds the ignition point of the liquefied gas in the lighter.

  The gas that is ran out will be ignited to form a flame, which is the molecular image of the gas substance that vibrates violently. This is the basic working principle of the lighter, and the other electronic ignition devices are the same.

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