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Arc lighter is good or electric wire lighter is good



  The arc lighter is better, the first one is the heating wire heating ignition, and the other is the arc ignition. If your lighter is a heating wire, you only need a little power to ignite the heating wire. This kind of lighter has the problem that the heating wire does not turn red when the light is turned on. It is not that the battery is not good or the charging device has a problem and cannot be charged. If your lighter is the latter, the arc lighter must be charged to a certain extent before it can generate an arc. If the charging is not in place, then it is not possible to use this arc to ignite directly. There is no open flame in the charging lighter, and the electric heating wire is used to ignite the electric heating wire to burn the red cigarette. The kind of arc is the generation of electric power, which constantly sparks and uses this spark to ignite cigarettes. In addition, you should take a look at the lighter that you may not have used such a lighter. Is there any safety switch? Some lighters do not catch fire when they do not open the safety switch.