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  Smoking accessories refer to tools and utensils associated with smoking tobacco and its products. With the development of social economy and the progress of human civilization, tobacco products and smoking articles have also evolved. The smoking articles of different periods have the cultural imprint of different periods and are decorated with colorful tobacco culture.

  Human exposure to and use of tobacco in the early stages may be just a hand, or as a special food, or as a medicinal product.

  Bamboo tube cigarette

  South American Indians use coconut leaves to roll into a tube, adding tobacco leaves and spices to ignite. Bamboo and reed rods are also used in special situations, which is the most primitive smoking device.

  The way smokers in China first smoked tobacco also followed the Indian method of smoking. The tobacco was put into a tile basin to ignite, and the bamboo tube that was cut through was inserted into the basin to absorb its smoke. Perhaps it is the earliest smoking set in China.

  Nasal smoking

  The snuff bottle is composed of a snuff bottle, a snuff plate and a spatula. Snuff does not need to be ignited when it is sucked, and nasal powder can be directly inhaled into the nose. Snuff bottles appeared along with the popularity of snuff. China's snuff bottles started in the Ming Dynasty and flourished in the Qing Dynasty. They were originally introduced as tributes to European missionaries and foreign emissaries.

  Water pipe

  Hookah is the only popular product in China in the Qing Dynasty, which is second only to dry smoke. It is filtered by water. The smoking utensils of the water pipe include a hookah and a hookah, also known as a hookah and a hookah.

  Dry smoking

  The dry smoking ware is the most widely used and traditional smoking ware in China. Its users cover almost all levels of society and have a strong local flavor. Its beauty lies in simplicity, a bamboo and a wood are hollowed out, and the cigarette holders and the smoke pots are respectively connected at both ends, and become a dry tobacco rod.

  Smoking pipe

  The pipe is a tool for smoking a pipe, and is composed of a bucket body and a bucket handle. The accessory is a pipe seat, a burr bucket, a metal handle, and the like. A beautiful pipe, often with a harmonious body, handle shape, process curve and clear wood grain, practical functions and decorative effects. With the progress of social civilization, the pipe has become more and more elaborate in terms of decorative and cultural connotation, and has a high artistic value.

  Cigar smoking set

  Cigar smoking mainly consists of a cigarette holder, an ashtray and a refurbishing tool. Cigars have no mouth and no mouth. Many consumers like to pick up cigarette holders when they smoke their mouthless cigars. The cigar cigarette holders are made of high-grade materials such as jade and ivory. After exquisite carving, they become a cleverly artistic masterpiece to reflect the noble identity of the smoker.


  Compared with the national characteristics of snuff, dry smoking and water pipes, cigarettes are more international. Cigarettes can be divided into cigarette holders, portable cigarette cases, desktop cigarettes (boxes), ashtrays and combination cigarettes.

  Smoking is not only a manifestation of the development of productivity and technological level, but also the crystallization of people's aesthetic consciousness in a certain era. From single to combination, from practical to artistic, the evolution of smoking utensils can reflect the evolution of history and culture and the changes of the times to a certain extent.

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